Saint Mary Students Make the World Better with Dot Day

Two girls look at their dot on an iPad

Students at Saint Mary School in Ridgefield recently celebrated "Dot Day"  a global event that champions creativity, courage and collaboration.

Dot Day was inspired by The Dot, a picture book by Peter Reynolds about a young girl, Vashti, who is very frustrated in art class because she feels she cannot draw. He teacher encourages her to "Just make a mark and see where it takes you".  Eventually, Vashti creates a portfolio of dots that impresses everyone who attends her school art show. Young readers are left feeling empowered to try something new while encouraging others to do the same. 

SMS Art Teacher, Mrs. Harris, and SMS Librarian Mrs. Tappan worked together to develop opportunities for students to express themselves through art and to explore different aspects of creativity and collaboration.  Students in Grades 2-5 designed their own "dots" and worked together to bring them to life by creating three-dimensional interactive images using iPads.  Mrs.Tappan said, "The room was buzzing with excitement as students watched their designs lift off the paper and become animated, interactive objects!"

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Saint Mary School is located at 183 High Ridge Ave in the heart of Ridgefield.