Saint Mary School is committed to academic excellence, a strong faith-based education, and a nurturing community environment where students thrive intellectually, spiritually, and socially.



Work Hard, Be Kind, and Smile!



A Community of Faith - Learning for Life

In pursuit of our Vision, Saint Mary School will:

  • Provide an environment where every student is truly known and is given the opportunity to develop as a life-long learner, a person of faith, a leader, and a team member.
  • Value innovation and adapt to a changing world.
  • Attract, develop, and retain faculty and staff who are passionate about our mission, and who are called to serve our students and families.
  • Garner the philanthropic support from 100% of its parents, faculty, and staff, and support from alumni, alumni parents, and friends in support of our mission.
  • Be in a financial position to provide a Catholic education to any accepted student who needs assistance so they may be educated Preschool-Grade 8.
  • Be seen as a resource to the greater Catholic community and our local Ridgefield community.
  • Honor our traditions and seek new opportunities to strengthen our bonds in order to create a lifelong connection to the Saint Mary Family.