Saint Mary School Librarian Launches StoryWalks®, Brings Reading Outdoors

Two Grade 2 students reading

Saint Mary School Librarian Mary Tappan is always on the hunt for a good idea.  This summer she came across an innovative idea, known as StoryWalks®.  StoryWalks® are a creative way to enjoy reading while spending time outdoors. They use laminated pages from a children’s book that are on signposts that create an interactive storytelling experience.  They have been installed in all 50 states and in 13 countries around the world.  

"When I discovered StoryWalk® my initial reaction was that it is the perfect COVID-safe activity. Children can enjoy reading a story with a friend, teacher, or even with their entire class, outdoors, in the fresh air, while maintaining social distancing," said Tappan.   "Reflecting further I quickly realized that this is an activity that a child can do independently.  During recess, a student might need some quiet time away from all the games and running around, or maybe a new student is feeling a little shy about joining in with the rest of the class.  StoryWalk® provides them with the perfect activity that they can enjoy on their own. ". 

Mrs. Tappan chose Beach Toys vs. School Supplies for the first installment and plans to change out the books every few weeks.