Ridgefield Saint Mary Students Launch Life Changing Projects

Five students after presenting to the Capstone Board

Grade eight students at Saint Mary School (SMS) are currently working diligently on their individual Capstone Projects, the grand finale of SMS students’ middle school education. 

Reflecting each students’ individual interests and passions, at its core, the projects challenge the student to solve problems, take risks, and ultimately make the world a better place. 

Reiko Fukumoto launched “Caring Caps'' and has hand-crocheted dozens of warm, attractive hats. She is currently partnering with Danbury Hospital to deliver them to the local homeless population. 

Isabelle Anandappa, driven by her father’s experience as a refugee, started “Mission Backpacks” and partnered with Church World Incorporated. The red, white and blue backpacks are filled with essentials. “My father came here with nothing,” she said. By the way, Isabelle will be selling handmade necklaces at Audrey Road starting this week, your purchase will help fund these backpacks.

Ali Wertman knows how difficult it is to transition to middle school. She is writing a book titled Master Middle School to provide students with vital information so they approach their new school with confidence and know-how.

Tech-Knowledgee, created by tech guru and budding graphic designer Abby Ransley, gives students and adults a look at the inner workings of technology. She is creating and sharing tutorials on YouTube. 

Interested in field hockey but a bit intimidated by the sport? Look no further than Cate Bell’s Field Hockey 101. Complete with video demonstrations and “how-to” tips, the field hockey newbie will approach the first practice and game with skills and confidence.

Wow. These are just five of 25 Capstone Projects created by SMS eighth graders.

Last week, each student had the opportunity to present their project proposal to members of the Capstone Advisory Board and members of the SMS faculty for feedback and approval.