Summary Data

  • Please note, only COVID-19 cases that are deemed probable/confirmed by the Ridgefield Health Department will be included in our reporting.
  • Only quarantine cases that are a result of close contact with an SMS community member at school are included.
  • Due to federal HIPAA regulations, the names and identifiable information of students and staff members will not be released to protect the confidentiality of those individuals.
  • Your student's health and well being is our top priority. We will continue to be proactive to ensure the safety of the Saint Mary community.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Cumulative Data since 8.30.2021 As of 12.6.2021
Student Probable/Confirmed Cases 5
Staff Probable/Confirmed Cases 1
Student Quarantine Cases due to exposure at SMS 25
Staff Quarantine Cases due to exposure at SMS 0






Detailed Data

Current/Recent Cases

12.3  1 confirmed case.  1 student placed in quarantine. (12.6.21)

12.1, 12.2  1 confirmed case.  2 students placed in quarantine. (12.3.21)

Historical Cases

11.3, 11.4 1 confirmed case.  6 students place in quarantine. (11.6.21)

9.16.21  1 confirmed case.  Cannot rule out in-school transmission.   No contact tracing required.

9.15.21  1 confirmed case.  Cannot rule out in-school transmission.  No contact tracing required.  

9.8, 9.9, 9,10 1 confirmed case, 2 presumed cases.  Known source of exposure.  16 students placed in quarantine. (9.11.21)

key - first date is exposure date, date in parenthesis is date SMS was notified.  If there is no exposure, first date is date SMS was notified.