Students kneeling at Mass

Religion is not only a subject at Saint Mary School, but is woven into our identity as a Catholic School. Students are proud of their faith, and actively participate in Mass and the Sacraments. We foster our students’ prayer life through daily prayer, daily Religion class, monthly Mass, and visits to the Adoration Chapel.  They are encouraged to seek a personal relationship with God that will continue to grow throughout their lives and are guided on how to truly embrace and live the Catholic faith. Our Catholic faith provides a framework of right and wrong, and our students develop a strong moral compass and sense of integrity which guides them through their teenage years and the rest of their lives.

Kindness is a cornerstone of what we value at Saint Mary School. Students are taught not just the tenets of our Catholic faith, but to respect the beliefs of others. They are called to spread God’s love through service to others, and often initiate their own projects which reinforce their empathy and compassion towards others in various circumstances. Through experience, our graduates know that one person can make a great difference in the lives of others.