Saint Mary School Students in Ridgefield Complete First Week of Distance Learning

Student raising her hand during morning meeting held via Zoom call

Saint Mary School students, from Preschool-aged three all the way through Grade 8 have completed their first week of Distance Learning.  "I am incredibly proud of our entire community - parents, teachers, staff and students alike - in how they have shown flexibility and resilience in this shift in how our students are learning", says Principal Anna O'Rourke.  

O'Rourke goes on to say "in a very short window, we have all shifted to an entirely different model of educating our children. We have tried to take into account the wide range of ages and personal family situations when implementing our plans this week.  I am sure we will continue to make adjustments, but we have received really favorable feedback from our community".  

Saint Mary School is using a combination of resources in their distance learning, from tried-and-true packets of work, Google Classroom tools like Google Meet, Zoom conference calls, emails and phone calls from teachers.  "We have tried things this week that we would have never considered in previous years.  Virtual morning meetings and staff meetings, at-home science labs.  Our use of social media has never been more important in supporting our sense of community," said O'Rourke.

Saint Mary School is located at 183 High Ridge Avenue. Visit the school online here and stay up to date on daily happenings by visiting their Facebook page here and Instagram page here.