There are two parts to Middle School Math Summer Work, the packets below by class, as well as IXL practice.

As a review, complete as many of the following skills on IXL as possible.  Make sure you log into your account through Clever, so your work will be saved.  If there is a video included with the skill, watch and take notes on what you learned to be handed in at the beginning of the school year.

  • Incoming Grade 6 Students - Grade 5 math on IXL
    • Decimals skills (1-27)
    • Add and subtract decimal skills (1-10)
    • Multiply decimals skills (1-19)
    • Divide decimals skills (1-12)
  • Incoming Grade 7 Students - Grade 6 math on IXL
    • Add and subtract decimal skills (1-5)
    • Multiply and divide decimals skills (1-11)
  • Incoming Grade 8 Students - Grade 7 math on IXL
    • Decimal skills (1-4)
    • Operations with  decimals skills (1-12)