Patrik presenting his idea

Patrik B. – “Basketball: a game for everyone”   A Website dedicated to helping anyone interested in basketball improve their game.  Filled with step by step instructions and video demonstration of basketball shots anyone can make.

Ben at Capstone Night

Ben C. – “Ben’s Throwing Clinic”  An clinic during school hours in which students are taught proper throwing mechanics

Peter at Capstone Night with his mentor

Peter H. – “ Making a Difference” A Facebook page created to collect donations specifically for less known charities in Ridgefield

Aurore at Capstone Night

Aurore M. – “Classification of the Brain: a student model”  A depiction of how each area of the brain works

Chris at Capstone Night

Chris S.. – “Height Effections” How does an athlete’s height affect their performance in different positions in several sports?

Nik at Capstone Night

Nik B.– “Engineering: the force that holds our world together”  A detailed exploration of the importance of engineering and architecture in our world.

Aidan at Capstone Night

Aidan C. – “Making Money Marketing”  An exploration of sports marketing based on logos

Charlie at Capstone Night

Charlie K.– “The Mechanics and Design of Roller Coasters”  A study of roller coasters, with a special emphasis on safety

Michael at Capstone Night

Michael P. – “Alaska 200”  A video documentation of Michael’s restoration of a vintage dirt bike

Ryan T. at Capstone Night

Ryan T. – “A Beautiful Game”  A charity basketball game after school at SMS for students grades 5-8 to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Meghan at Capstone Night

Meghan C.  – “Diamonds in the Ruff”  A plan for a complete dog rehabilitation center

Ryan D. at Capstone Night

Ryan D. – “Designing a Fielding Cycle”  The detailed plans to create a machine to help athletes improve their baseball fielding skills

Paige at Capstone Night

Paige K. – “Joyful Movement”  Several dance classes at SMS for students in grades K-2 in which students experience the stress reducing benefits of dance

Anthony at Capstone Night

Anthony R. – “Create Your Game”  The creation of a new role playing video game

Julia at Capstone Night

Julia C. – “Service dogs: mixed breed or purebred?”  A study of what kind of dog is best suited for service work

Jonathon at Capstone Night with his mentor

Jonathon D. – “World Cup in America”  An activity that will take place at SMS in June for the lower school to foster excitement for the upcoming World Cup

Sasha at Capstone Night

Sasha K. – “Girls Power LAX”  A website which specifically helps young girls improve their lacrosse skills through step by step instruction and demo videos

Scott at Capstone Night

Scott R. – “A Recipe for Success”  A movie depicting a day in the life of our First Selectman, Rudy Marconi, based on personal interviews