Grade 8 student presenting her Capstone proposal to the board

Saint Mary students are encouraged and guided to work collaboratlvely to ensure individual as well as group success.  As a result, our graduates enter high schools with the skills they need to both contribute to, as well as lead, groups. Whether through classroom jobs, small group projects, contributions to the student newspaper, or a voice in student government, students experience the importance of being respectful, supportive, committed, flexible, and active listeners while working toward a common goal. Students have the confidence to present their point of view but also value the contributions of others.  Students learn that they do not always have the only answer or solution. As a result of our Buddy Program, students are comfortable interacting with people of all ages and are confident in their ability to serve as role models.  Because of the multitude of opportunities, they have both inside and outside of the classroom, a hallmark of our graduates is their public speaking ability.