Saint Mary School Student Finds Personal Way to Support Ukraine

Greydon Lumelleau, a grade 6 student at Saint Mary School Ridgefield with personal ties to Ukraine sprung to action when he learned about the country's plight. Lumelleau, a budding artist, quickly created a portfolio of art that is being sold at Audrey Road on Bailey Avenue. 

Lumelleau explains, "I am doing this to help Ukraine because one of my aunts is originally from Ukraine and I wanted to help her family that still lives there. My goal is to raise $1,000. I appreciate anybody that helps by buying a painting at Audrey Road."

The funds raised through the sale of Lumelleau's paintings will go directly to the nonprofit International Rescue Committee (IRC), a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization currently providing food, medical care and emergency support to the people of Ukraine.

"I am donating all of the money I make to And thank you to Mrs. Verrilli for letting me sell my paintings in her store," says Lumelleau.

Sales have been brisk, and Greydon has had to restock his original installation.  

"Greydon has been a student at Saint Mary School since Kindergarten. I am not at all surprised that Greyden was moved to action," says Principal Anna O'Rourke.  "He has a kind heart and compassion for others.  In the true spirit of our Catholic faith, he is supporting others in need."