Saint Mary School Ridgefield Welcomes Guidance Counselor Whitley Scharffs

Guidance Counselor Ms. Scharffs and Principal O'Rourke

Saint Mary School Principal Anna O'Rourke is pleased to announce a new member of her team, School Guidance Counselor Whitley Scharffs.

Ms. Scharffs will provide classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling.  The focus of these sessions will include topics such as friendship, organizational and study skills, coping strategies, and healthy conflict resolution. "I am passionate about school counseling because of the ability it gives me to support students and their families. As we work together to build skills in students at younger ages, they will live more successful and happy lives," notes Scharffs.  

"One of the hallmarks of Saint Mary School is our sense of family and having a school community where each member feels known and loved.  We are committed to creating a supportive environment, and Ms. Scharffs will help our students navigate these challenging times," says Principal O'Rourke.