Benefits of Homework

Grade 5 Homework

Homework has become a hotly contested subject in educational circles in recent years.  Saint Mary School Ridgefield believes that homework is an important part of the school experience.  "We continually see the benefits - both to our students and to our teachers and parents as well," states Anna O'Rourke, Principal.  "Homework provides our students with the opportunity to develop critical real-world skills such as time management, problem-solving, prioritization, initiative, and self-discipline.  It allows more time to both absorb and practice new material, which leads to mastery and self-confidence."  

It is not just the students who benefit.  "Our teachers receive validation on the effectiveness of our lessons," continues O'Rourke.  "In addition, we view homework as a bridge between home and school.  It allows parental involvement and opens up communication between school and home."

There is clear guidance on the appropriate amount of time students should be spending on homework, from 10 minutes for Kindergarten students up to 90 minutes for middle school students. O'Rourke's goal is for children to have plenty of free time for play, rest, and extra-curricular activities.  "Meaningful, thought out assignments have great benefit.  Even our preschool students have periodic 'home-fun' assignments," notes O'Rourke. 

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