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Why SMS?
Saint Mary School is committed to academic excellence, a strong faith based education, and a nurturing community environment where students thrive intellectually, spiritually and socially.

Vibrant Catholic Education
  • A consistent focus is placed on faith formation and celebration, including daily religion instruction, sacrament preparation and participation.
  • Daily prayers include a morning prayer, decade of the Rosary, meal-time prayers, and closing prayer.  Many prayers are written and delivered by students.
  • The entire SMS community participates in First Friday Mass, Holy Day Masses and the Sacrament of Reconciliation held throughout the year.
  • Annual Catholic Schools Week celebrates the gift of a Catholic Education and encourages students to show school spirit.

Strong Values
  • Students learn the values of compassion, kindness, and service - key components to SMS student life.
  • Student-led service projects and programs support the school and world community throughout the year.
  • All faiths are welcomed.  Students are taught to understand, value, and appreciate that there are different places and ways to pray.

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